Bull rally or Bull trap?

The recent bull run since late September has caught many people off guard, continually beating expectations, powering through resistance and destroying shorts. Bullish time of the year Historically we are now in the best time of the year for stocks. In particular, during the run up to Christmas markets tend to get excited and overly […]

Markets still get high and enjoying QE, for now

It’s been clear since the great financial crisis the central banks will still whatever they can to shore up stocks, stock market bubbles and the many other bubbles that have formed around the world. The ECB recently reconfirming this with its recent hint at further QE. The strong rally, particularly in Europe, is evidence that the […]

US$ ready for breakout

Draghi spanked the Euro After Draghi’s hint at further QE last week the Euro slide heavily. This in turn caused the US dollar to spike; the Euro is the biggest component of the US dollar index at about 58% (the Japanese Yen is the next biggest at 14%). Breakout time This took the dollar right […]

Waiting to digest FOMC

Bull run The S&P500, Dow Jones and NASDAQ had a nice bull run on good volume (they all formed two bullish scallops) on the back of earnings such as Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft. The ECB’s hint at further QE and China’s interest rate cut (the sixth this year) on October 22nd lead to a nice pop on the NASDAQ, […]