Global Economy So Bad Japan Follows Europe, Cuts Interest Rates To Negative

Apparently a near decade of money printing and holding interest rates at zero did not work. Now major central banks are pursuing the once unthinkable move of cutting interest rates below zero. This is clearly a desperate move and speaks loudly about the health of the global economy. It essentially means central banks are trying to punish savers and […]

Apple Down Nearly 30% From Peak – China Weakens

The technology sector has been a laggard lately and it’s being led by Apple. Today Apple’s stock price fell by more than 6%. Overall Apple is down nearly 30% since its high last year. Clearly investors did not like the earnings report Apple just released. China, once the bright shining light, fades Apple Inc. forecast a sales […]

US Dollar Weakens – Looking Fragile

This is largely an update to my post last week with updated charts ‘US Dollar Hesitates – Did The FED Make a Huge Mistake’ ( The dollar appears to be hitting resistance here. The trend thus far has been up and there has been talk of the dollar heading to $110-$120. However, does that still hold? The […]

US Stocks – Volatile Bounce

The sell off this year resulted in broken important support. Stocks are weak, but in desperate need of a pause to unwind oversold conditions. It should be noted market breakdowns, such as in 2008, can occur when the market is in an oversold state such as now. This post is primarily a quick update and review of the […]

The Shipping News Says the World Economy Is Toast

By Bloomberg’s Mark Gilbert In October 2008, as the repercussions of the financial crisis were starting to ripple through the global economy, I noticed a press release from Swedish truckmaker Volvo saying that its European order book had fallen by more than 99 percent between the third quarters of 2007 and 2008 — to just 155 […]

Oil Short-Term Bounce

The sell off in oil has been relentless, however it now appears to have made a short-term bottom. The overall trend is negative; the extreme distortion of massive oversupply to dwindling demand will take sometime to rebalance itself. Here’s a look at the price of crude oil over the short-term: Here we can see that oil […]

FTSE Bear Market Rally

UK stocks have been pummelled very hard with price closing below their August low. This is extremely negative action and only reinforces what should now be very obvious. This is a bear market indicating recession and further declines are on the way. This is an update to my previous post eight days ago ‘FTSE Potential Bounce?’ ( […]

Financial Sector Breaks Support – Another Very Negative Sign

Stock charts are painting a very cloudy view of the financial sector. During a normal healthy economy you would expect the financial sector to perform well. Likewise, should it under-perform, as it is doing, this is a warning sign to take note of. The financial sector was hit hard in August with the general stock market […]

US Dollar Hesitates – Did The FED Make a Huge Mistake?

The dollar appears to be hitting resistance here. The trend thus far has been up and there has been talk of the dollar heading to $110-$120. However, does that still hold? The last time I did a post on the dollar was back in October ‘US$ ready for breakout’. At that time the dollar was about $97 and […]

Emerging Markets – Worse Than The 1998 Asian Financial Crisis

The emerging markets are one good indicator to the state of the global economy, like one canary in a coal mine. They are not performing well at all. China’s economic hard landing, the slide in oil and commodities are all heavily impacting the emerging markets. Consequently investors are losing faith in their ability to shore up currencies […]