Silver’s Biggest Winning and Losing Streaks

With global markets getting off to one of their most volatile starts in history, precious metals have benefited tremendously. Gold started 2016 on a torrid pace, as investors scrambled to buy physical gold as well as record-amounts of gold ETFs. A quick glance at the year’s best-performing commodities has gold at the top, beating almost […]

The Evolution of America’s Energy Supply (1776 – 2014)

By JEFF DESJARDINS at Visual Capitalist The early settlers to North America relied on organic materials on the surface of land for the vast majority of their energy needs. Wood, brush, and other biomass fuels were burned to warm homes, and eventually to power steam engines. Small amounts of coal were found in riverbeds and other […]

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

By JEFF DESJARDINS at Visual Capitalist ROBOT MARKET GROWING AT 15%, WITH 1.3 MILLION NEW INDUSTRIAL ROBOT INSTALLATIONS BY 2018 The market for industrial robot installations has been on a skyward trend since 2009, and it is not expected to slow down any time soon. According to the World Robotics 2015 report, the market for industrial […]

By JEFF DESJARDINS at Visual Capitalist For anyone who launches a new venture, there’s a grim reality involved: eventually 90% of startups bite the dust, and 51% of all businesses die off within a period of five years. While failure is not fatal, there’s definitely no harm in stacking the odds in your favor in the […]

The Wealthiest Billionaires Under 35 Years Old

By JEFF DESJARDINS at Visual Capitalist The first billion is the hardest, according to oil magnate T. Boone Pickens. And while getting to a net worth of $1 billion at any point in time is a feat, doing it before the age of 35 is even more impressive. Today’s infographic describes the world’s wealthiest billionaires under […]

The Richest and Poorest Countries in the World

By JEFF DESJARDINS at Visual Capitalist Global Finance Magazine recently collated data from the World Bank on Gross National Income (GNI) per capita for 204 countries. Each country was placed in one of four groups: Low income: $1,045 or less Lower-middle income: $1,046 to $4,125 Upper-middle income: $4,126 to $12,745 High income: $12,746 or more […]

Global Inflation Heatmap – Cooler Than Ice

What is it? Deutsche Bank’s ‘Inflation Sensation’ global inflation monitor. It includes more than 150 time series covering consumer prices, producer prices, inflation surveys and wages across the G10. It essentially provides a visual global snapshot of where different countries stand on inflation. What does it mean? At Deutsche Bank puts it: At a global […]

Canadian Housing is Being Propped Up by Just One City

By JEFF DESJARDINS at Visual Capitalist WITHOUT VANCOUVER’S GAINS, THE MARKET WOULD HAVE DIPPED -1.1% IN FEBRUARY 2016 ‘Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.’ – John Maynard Keynes The last time we gave a good run down of Canada’s housing market was in May 2015, when we noted that The Economist gave […]

Chart: Deaths of Roman Emperors vs. Coinage Debasement

By JEFF DESJARDINS at Visual Capitalist Correlation does not necessarily imply causation. In other words, just because two sets of data may follow a similar pattern, it does not mean there is any direct causal relationship. However, as we were assembling our previous research on Currency and the Collapse of the Roman Empire, we noticed […]

The Fastest Startups to Hit $1 Billion Valuations

By JEFF DESJARDINS at Visual Capitalist For the founders coding in the trenches of Silicon Valley, achieving the status of a “unicorn” is still the Holy Grail. The term, which references the presumably rare and mythological uni-horned creature, is used to describe a tech startup that has hit a $1 billion valuation or more. At […]