A quarter of a million skilled tech workers (260,000) to lose their jobs this year (2016)

Earlier this year we saw a number of large international banks reporting significant losses along with lay-offs. However, I noticed there were a number of large tech titans also announcing job cuts in the thousands that seems to have largely been ignored by the media. Worryingly, some of the lay-offs even exceed what we saw […]

Post Brexit British Pound (GBP) – Potential Rally Coming?

This is just a quick post on the British Pound. The vote to leave the EU was a surprise to everyone including the pound. The pound was immediately crushed with a 15% drop. This is a gigantic move for one day and most importantly it plummeted through an old 30+ year support line at 140. It is […]

Gold – Time To Take Profits?

Gold has been one of the best trades of the year, especially gold miners whose share prices have doubled, even tripled in price. However, it’s time to take a cautious approach towards gold now as it appears to be struggling a little. Hitting strong resistance The main trend is of course still bullish and it […]