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Hello and welcome,

this site is a hobby of mine where from time to time I write or re-post articles I find interesting from a range of topics – economics, stocks, trade and even monetary policy. I therefore have no agenda, I am not trying to sell you anything nor am I trying to promote any specific stock trades. Vice versa please do not spam me with promotions and try to sell to me.

I also enjoy web development (HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript etc.) and visualising data into charts. I use a number of different sources to build databases on this site for these charts to run off. If you have suggestions for data that can be visualised into charts feel free to get in touch. Perhaps you possess or have access to data or a database, but are not sure how to or unable to visualise it? If you would be willing to share it on this site I could consider adding the data into a database and creating charts from it (though it would have to be relevant to the general theme of this website). I do not guarantee I will accept all requests, however I will certainly read and consider it carefully.

Feel free to browse and leave comments, questions and or criticism. Should you wish cite or use any articles I have written kindly cite this website equityflows.com or the direct link.

If you find a broken link, some data is wrong or something just isn’t working I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know. I am a one-man band and am not able to monitor this entire website all the time.


– Dan


I receive no compensation of any kind from any groups, individuals or corporations. Any opinions expressed are my own, and are not a recommendation or an offer to buy or sell securities. As trading and investing in any financial markets may involve serious risk of loss, I recommend that you consult with a qualified investment advisor, one licensed by appropriate regulatory agencies in your legal jurisdiction and do your own due diligence and research when making any kind of a transaction with financial ramifications.


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