British Pound (GBP) Turning Negative Again?

Following on from my post last year I highlighted a zone of resistance where the recent rally in the British Pound was likely to be turned back. Sure enough, that has indeed occurred. It seems the British Pound is about to resume it’s post-brexit bearish trend. Currency Outlook: Post-Brexit British Pound Sterling GBP Here is […]

Bonds/Stock Ratio Indicating Turbulence Ahead? Commercials add VIX longs…

The chart below shows the ratio of $TNX (US 10 year yield) vs the $SPX (S&P500). Of note we can see the downwards trendline was broken in 2016, tested and held in 2017. Moreover, a potential head and shoulders pattern has just formed – both of which would suggest a reversal in the making. Looking […]

Taiwan Stock Market Wobbling – Testing Trendline

The Taiwan stock market is in the process of testing its post-2015 trendline this week. The weekly RSI and moving averages are positive, but turning into bearish alignment – again this suggests a test is in process. N.B. the latest candle looks like it has already broken the trendline. However, this is a weekly chart. […]

Bitcoin Price At Significant Support Level

Having quickly reviewed the weekly chart of Bitcoin (NYSE Bitcoin Index) there are a few notable observations: Parabolic movements are typically followed by retracement Bitcoin is clearly in a strong bull market characterised by significantly strong buying pressure (note the weekly RSI consistently hitting 70+) and the clear parabolic upwards movement. Parabolic movements such as […]

Ted Spread, Libor and Euribor Interactive Charts

I’ve created a few new pages visualising the Ted Spread, London Inter Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR) and 1 month Euro Interbank Offered Rate (EURIBOR). These are useful for monitoring credit risk and economic instability. The charts are interactive and are updated regularly to the latest data. Follow the links below to view. TED Spread London Interbank […]

Comparing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Other Cryptos

The Explosion In Cryptocurrencies

US Small Caps Weaken – Another Caution Flag Raised

Stocks are in a long term bull market. However, a number of signs are becoming evident that there is growing weakness in the stock market for a correction or more. I recently posted a number of articles highlighting some of the warning signs: US S&P500 The Average Stock is Losing Steam – (RSP:SPY) Ratio Junk […]

US S&P500 The Average Stock is Losing Steam – (RSP:SPY) Ratio

The S&P500 is in a clear uptrend, however it is not firing on all cylinders and there is weakness behind the scenes. There are a number of ways we can measure the risk appetite of investors and the health of the S&P500. One such method is by comparing the average stock to the biggest stocks. In […]

Junk Bonds Issue Warning To Stocks – High Yield Bonds To Treasuries Ratio (HYG:TLT)

Junk bonds are a nice indicator of investor comfort with risk, currently it’s flashing a caution sign. There are many indicators we can use to watch for the health of the stock market. One such indicator is the ratio of high yield bonds to treasuries (HYG:TLT). The reason being that when investors are feeling comfortable […]