Taiwan Stock Market Wobbling – Testing Trendline

The Taiwan stock market is in the process of testing its post-2015 trendline this week. The weekly RSI and moving averages are positive, but turning into bearish alignment – again this suggests a test is in process. N.B. the latest candle looks like it has already broken the trendline. However, this is a weekly chart. […]

China’s Debt Bomb: No One Really Knows the Payload

By JEFF DESJARDINS at Visual Capitalist NO ONE KNOWS IF ITS A HAND GRENADE OR A NUCLEAR EXPLOSION The ramp up in Chinese debt accumulation has been a leading concern of investors for years. The average total debt of emerging market economies is 175% of GDP, and skyrocketing corporate non-financial debt has launched China far […]

China’s Economy: The Sum of the Parts

By JEFF DESJARDINS at Visual Capitalist Geographically vast countries such as the United States or Canada have incredible diversity within their borders. Every part of the country appears unique, as the distribution of population, culture, geographical features, natural resources, and regional industries vary from place to place. Think of the differences within the U.S. alone: […]