Deutsche Bank Reports Gigantic Loss

Shocking Annual Loss Deutsche Bank just reported their earnings for 2015. Complete disaster. The bank’s ‘earnings’ for the year came out with gigantic net loss of €6.7 billion. Note billion, not million. That was the first full annual loss since the Great Financial Crisis. From rate rigging to book cooking to deplorable HR procedures, the German lender has […]

DAX Very Oversold, Time For a Rest. Any Bounce Should Be Sold.

DAX has seen heavy panic selling throughout much of January so far. Moreover, there has been a marked change in price behaviour with noticeable selling into rallies. China catalysed a sell-off again, as it did in August, however it was not the cause of a sell off. With DAX bumping up its long-term down-trend in December a sell off was […]

DAX Panic Sell-Off, Hits Short Term Bottom?

DAX has seen heavy panic selling this week. With DAX bumping up its long-term down-trend a sell off was expected. Deteriorating economic conditions, falling corporate profits, bursting commodity bubbles and increasing geo-political risks are not conductive to stock prices lingering around at all time highs. The sell off this week was catalysed by China, as […]

German Stocks – Worst Start To The New Year Ever

Global stocks stated the New Year with a band. Unfortunately, the wrong kind of bang. For Europe this was the worst start to a new year, ever. The German DAX ended the day down 4.3% lower. Stocks were already looking nervous at the end of the year, however the culprit that triggered the panic selling was, […]

German Stocks – Santa’s Sleigh Hits Turbulence

The DAX has seen a mini Santa rally in the run up to Christmas, however it has come to rest at an area of resistance. Given that we are now in the holiday season trading volume is very low, so it is unlikely we will see any major or clear movement until next year. In […]

German equities rally – Santa’s here! But, for how long?

  Santa Rally Yesterday’s price action was very strong with the DAX up nearly 3 and a half percent by mid-day. To put that in perspective I looked at how many times the DAX has actually managed to finish up 3% in a day. The answer is six out of 750 trading days. In contrast, oil […]

German Equities – DAX Bounces

Bounce Following on from yesterday’s post the DAX, along with most stocks around the world, bounced. It was pointed out yesterday that the DAX was already approaching oversold territory when it was whacked down panic selling. The panic selling came primarily from oil breaking down further and China who continued their devaluation (remember when China […]

German Equities – Heavy Sell Off, Oversold

What happened?   Oil Collapsed The German Dax saw some very heavy selling over the past week. After posting a spinning candlestick at support it was looking like there was to be a bounce. This was not the case. Oil’s collapsed further hitting lows not seen since 2009 and China spooking investors with its continued […]

DAX’s Spinning Top – Small Santa Bounce Coming?

In yesterday’s post on the DAX I mentioned how price was approaching support at its September high (lower blue dashed trendline on the chart) and it was likely to rest here. Just to highlight this relevant section from yesterday’s post: Oversold, but still bearish and room to fall In the short term stocks are oversold […]

DAX hammered down

Draghi failed to deliver the promised candy and German equities did not like that all. In a tantrum fit the DAX completely erased the Paris terror attack rally. Not content to stop just there the DAX has fallen even further to erase all November gains and is now testing support at its September/October high. Serious weakness in […]