TotalCryptocurrency Market Capitalization: Increased Over Last Week – 07 January 2018

The total cryptocurrency market capitalization increased by $249.93 billion to $822.41 billion on 07 January 2018. This represents a week over week increase of 43.7%. Bitcoin represents approximately 33.70 percent of the total value of all cryptocurrencies. See more:

Is GoPro Due a Break?

GoPro’s stock, like it drones, literally fell out of the sky. Not long after its NASDAQ listing a few years ago the stock took a hefty beating, losing nearly 90%. However, could GoPro be due a break? In this post I just wanted to have a quick look to see what’s going on and what signs […]

A quarter of a million skilled tech workers (260,000) to lose their jobs this year (2016)

Earlier this year we saw a number of large international banks reporting significant losses along with lay-offs. However, I noticed there were a number of large tech titans also announcing job cuts in the thousands that seems to have largely been ignored by the media. Worryingly, some of the lay-offs even exceed what we saw […]

Tesla’s Rise Has Inspired a Dozen New Electric Vehicle Rivals

  If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Elon Musk should be blushing. In addition to the increased competition from big auto manufacturers, there are also now many venture-backed startups that are now kicking tires within the electric vehicle industry. According to Tracxn, a startup intelligence platform, some of Tesla’s rivals include Faraday […]

Investor Confidence in Cloud Storage is Sky High

Investor Confidence in Cloud Storage is Sky High For technology investors in 2015, cloud was king. Money continued to flow to the cloud storage sector, where a total of 1,800 transactions were made in 2015 for a total value of more than $100 billion. The largest of these deals was between two storage giants, with […]

Earnings Scoreboard: A Turbulent Week in Tech

By JEFF DESJARDINS at Visual Capitalist AMAZON AND FACEBOOK SOAR, WHILE APPLE, NETFLIX, AND GOOGLE WHIFF For many blue chip companies, earnings season can end up being relatively dry. For example, yesterday MasterCard reported an earnings “beat” of $0.86 earnings per share (EPS) compared to the $0.85 consensus. The stock inched up 0.7% in afternoon […]

Time Machine: Apple vs. Microsoft vs. IBM over the Last 20 Years

By JEFF DESJARDINS at Visual Capitalist A decade ago, if you asked someone how they would get rich off of a time travel machine, a fairly common answer would be to go back in time and buy shares of Microsoft after its 1986 IPO. While this is still a great answer today, the value of the […]

Step by Step: How Elon Musk Built His Empire

By JEFF DESJARDINS at Visual Capitalist “The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won’t make a search engine. Tomorrow’s champions will not win by competing ruthlessly in today’s marketplace. They will escape competition altogether, because their businesses will be unique.” – Peter Thiel in “Zero to […]

See How the Internet of Things Will Change Your Life

By JEFF DESJARDINS at Visual Capitalist The dawn of the Internet of Things (IoT) era is already upon us, but for many people there is a chance that the future impact of the IoT is still pretty unclear. What is the scale of this technological shift, and how exactly will our day-to-day lives be changed […]

Investors Sniffing Around Biotech Companies Again

The healthcare sector has been especially weak throughout much of this year, dragged down primarily by biotechnology firms. In an environment of fear and a global market sell-off this is no surprise as biotechs are one of the riskier areas to invest in and were trading well above their earnings (many have very high PE ratios). […]