The people have gotten used to looking to the government for help and the average man does not stop to ask where the money is coming from or how it is to be paid back

Global debt boom

The majority of the world has been on a debt binge since the mid 1980s. McKinsey produced a good report on world debt a couple of years back. They are due to up date it soon. The chart below is a little out of date, but still a good overall snapshot of world debt.

McKinsey Global Debt Outstanding Chart

US Government Debt

The charts below shows the total public debt in dollars. This is a live chart updated with the latest data.

DoubleLine expects the doubling of debt to continue. Note how current US public debt (as a percentage of GDP) has already surpassed World War 1 and the Great Depression.

DoubleLine Debt Forecast Chart

US Consumer Debt

US Student Debt

US Auto Debt

Delinquency Rates

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