Gold - Commitments of Traders (COT)

Gold – Weekly

Gold ($GOLD)

Gold Miners

Gold Miners to Stocks Ratio ($HUI:$SPX) Weekly

Gold Vix

Gold VIX (GVZ) Weekly

Currencies and Gold

There is a correlation between gold and the US dollar – they usually trend in opposite directions. Gold usually trends in the opposite direction to the US dollar and the same direction as foreign currencies, such as the Japanese Yen. One chart we can use to monitor this correlation is the Japanese Yen to US dollar pair, a rise would be positive and a fall negative for gold.

Currency-Forex, Euro JPY/USD Weekly Chart

Treasuries and Gold

US treasuries move in the same direction, both are safe havens for investors; a rise in treasury prices is positive for gold.

USA Bonds: 20-Year US Treasury Yield TLT - Weekly Chart

Copper/Gold Ratio and Treasuries

Copper/Gold Ratio - Weekly Chart

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