Banks Are Still In Trouble – Commerzbank To Fire 1/5 Of Its Workforce

Following the market rout of early 2016 the stock market quickly bounced back from bear market territory to crash to all time new highs. This may make you think everything is well and dandy. However, banks are telling a different story and they are worth watching and listening to. Just prior to the Great Financial […]

A quarter of a million skilled tech workers (260,000) to lose their jobs this year (2016)

Earlier this year we saw a number of large international banks reporting significant losses along with lay-offs. However, I noticed there were a number of large tech titans also announcing job cuts in the thousands that seems to have largely been ignored by the media. Worryingly, some of the lay-offs even exceed what we saw […]

Post Brexit British Pound (GBP) – Potential Rally Coming?

This is just a quick post on the British Pound. The vote to leave the EU was a surprise to everyone including the pound. The pound was immediately crushed with a 15% drop. This is a gigantic move for one day and most importantly it plummeted through an old 30+ year support line at 140. It is […]

Gold – Time To Take Profits?

Gold has been one of the best trades of the year, especially gold miners whose share prices have doubled, even tripled in price. However, it’s time to take a cautious approach towards gold now as it appears to be struggling a little. Hitting strong resistance The main trend is of course still bullish and it […]

The Epic Collapse of Deutsche Bank

By Visual Capitalist A TIMELINE SHOWING THE FALL OF ONE OF EUROPE’S MOST ICONIC FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS The Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual Capitalist feature on Fridays. It’s been almost 10 years in the making, but the fate of one of Europe’s most important financial institutions appears to be sealed. After a hard-hitting […]

Bond Market Says Runs For Cover

It’s worth following the bond market as they tend to be a far more accurate indicator of the state of the economy compared to stocks. I have continually highlighted over the past year that bond markets worldwide have been sending strong warning signs. This is a quick update. In the chart below I have plotted […]

The Wealth Inequality Problem in One Chart

By Visual Capitalist The Wealth Inequality Problem in One Chart IT’S CLEAR THAT AMERICA’S FINANCIAL AND POLITICAL SYSTEMS ARE BROKEN It seems that people don’t agree on much these days, but there is one growing exception to that rule. Across the board, Americans are finding that the “system” isn’t working for most people in its […]

US Bank Stocks Lose The Wind In Their Sails

Just a quick post of the Dow Jones US Banks Index. Financials are an important component to the economy and we need to see strength here to back up a general stock market rally. Unfortunately, they are showing signs of pretty serious weakness. I prefer long term trends to filter out the noise. The chart below […]